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PG Tips Tea

Often referred to as England's Number 1 Tea, PG Tips is a blend of Assam, Ceylon and Kenyan teas.  This produces a rich flavoured tea so typical of a traditional English tea.

Founded in 1869 by Aurther Brooke, the PG Tips tea was originally sold under the Pre-Gest-Tee name when launched in 1930.  The name was quickly shorted by grocers and salesmen to PG, the company soon after adopted this to become the official name adding Tips to enforce the fact that only the top two leaves and a bud are picked to produce PG Tips Tea.

In 1996 PG Tips changed its shaped to the pyramid tea bags, the new design of bag allows the leaves 50% more room to an conventional tea bag, thus allowing for all the flavours to be released into every cup of PG Tips.



PG Tips Tee


PG Tips Tee


Gegründet 1930 von Brooke Bond, einer der führenden Teehandel Großbritanniens.  Eine Mischung der feinsten Tee aus Assam, Ceylon und Kenya, die als der Numbber 1 Tee in Großbritannien gilt.  1996 entwickelte PG Tips Tee den sogenannten Pyramiden Teebeutel, der 50% mehr Raum für Teeblätter ließ und somit 50% mehr Gesmack brachte.


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